Copper Distillation Tower Max Cuprum «Rio»

  • Copper Distillation Tower Max Cuprum «Rio»
19 310 rub.
21 810 rub.
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The device is made of M1 grade copper (copper content – not less than 99.9%), TRI-CLAMP 1.5” (AISI 304 stainless steel clamps) parts and gaskets made of food grade silicone are used to connect the equipment components.

Due to the fact that the main material of «Rio» is copper, this distillation unit is ideal for distillation, because copper has colossal thermal conductivity, which is a very important characteristic for the condenser of the still, and especially for the dephlegmator, if you pursue accurate and rapid regulation of temperature of the installation.

Moreover, copper moonshine stills due to copper ions very actively interact with various components of mash that gives the drink an unpleasant smell: copper binds sulfur, acetals, ammonia compounds, preventing them from infiltrating the final product. Organic and fatty acids that have soapy taste, flocculate in the form of insoluble precipitate after contacting the copper surface. In addition, moonshine produced with copper moonshine stills has much brighter and more sophisticated flovouring!

The distinctive feature of «Rio» is presence of the TRI-CLAMP 1.5" separation unit. With its help finished product is collected and non-food fractions (reject "foreshots" and "feints') are separated. Presence of a needle valve as well as additional cylinder shells makes collection/separation perfectly accurate.

Copper moonshine still kit «Rio» contains powerful and economical 35 cm shell-and-tube main condenser.

«Rio» is equipped with an additional jacket condenser – pre-cooler, thanks to which the finished product has room temperature, which is very important for correct separation of reject "foreshots" and "feints" and collection of "body".

Thanks to the modern TRI-CLAMP 1.5" connection, copper distiller «Rio» can be easily assembled and disassembled. «Rio» opens up great opportunities of upgrading, because it can be equipped with other items with similar TRI-CLAMP 1.5" connection (distilling copper helmet, sight tower, cylinder shells, connectors, elbows, etc.) to create a unique moonshine still suitable for your needs.

Complete Equipment:

  • Shell-and-tube сondenser 35 cm Tri-Clamp 1.5" - 1 PCs.
  • Surge Breaker Tri-Clamp 1.5" - 1 PCs.
  • Small copper cooling-water jacket сondenser - 1 PCs.
  • Clamp 1.5" - 2 PCs.
  • Silicon Gasket Tri-Clamp 1.5" - 2 PCs.
  • End Cap Tri-Clamp 1.5 - 1 PCs.
  • Warranty card - 1 PCs.
19 310 rub.
21 810 rub.
Buy on credit
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