Copper lid "Max Cuprum" for Luxstahl 25l

  • Copper lid "Max Cuprum" for Luxstahl 25l
9 100 rub.
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"Max Cuprum" copper lid is ideal for Luxstahl 25L stainless steel tank. It is a Russian-made high quality product manufactured by real masters of their craft.

The lid is made of M1 grade copper. This means that when using this lid, the quality of your drinks will increase significantly, because copper very actively reacts with the components of mash and raw alcohol adsorbing undesirable substances that give unpleasant odors and foreign tastes to the drink. No less important is the fact that copper enriches the drink revealing its natural flavor and aroma and prepares it for pouring into an oak barrel.

The copper dome for Luxstahl 25L alembic is made of 1.2 mm thick copper sheet. The product also has folded edges with the thickness of 2.4 mm. This is a unique solution of Max Cuprum, which made it possible to unprecedentedly increase rigidity of the lid! In addition, the lid is drawn of copper using the method of rotary drawing, which results in increased reliability of the product. Purchasing such a lid, you can be sure of its strength and durability, when lids of other manufacturers can be easily bent with your bare hands.

Despite the fact that the lid has a built-in stainless steel TRI-CLAMP neck, the lid itself is completely made of copper. This allows you to maximize the area of contact of vapors with copper and increase the rigidity of the product, because the neck consists of 2 two layers — steel and copper.

The copper dome plays the role of an air-cooled dephlegmator of some sort. Due to high thermal conductivity of copper, the lid walls have a lower temperature compared to the alcohol vapors, as a result of which the vapors touch the copper and partially condense flowing back into the alembic. The result is a double benefit for the product: first, the vapors repeatedly get in contact with the copper, which is known for its benefits in such case, and second, due to repeated dephlegmation the purity of the final product increases.

Attention! By default, the lid is fitted only with a 4" TRI-CLAMP neck. If desired, when placing the order you can replace it with a 6” TRI-CLAMP, add a thermometer, a viewing window and other options.

Complete set:

  • Copper lid – 1 PC.
9 100 rub.
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Comments (2)
  • Юрий
    25 May 2020 .
    Здравствуйте. Возможно ли сделать медную крышку для бака с горловиной 32 см.?
    • Max Cuprum
      25 May 2020 .
      Здравствуйте! К сожалению, нет. Данная крышка подходит под куб Luxstahl 25 л, его диаметр 32 см, но в верхней части куб развальцовывается, поэтому диаметр крышки - 345 мм.
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