Copper Boiler "Max Cuprum" 60 l

  • Copper Boiler "Max Cuprum" 60 l
53 950 rub.
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"Max Cuprum" 60L copper alembic is a premium quality product manufactured using the highest modern technologies. It is made of the purest M1 grade copper produced in Russia using TIG welding. This alembic is much more reliable than tin-coated or riveted Portuguese alambics.

The most important feature of "Max Cuprum" alembic is the material it is made of —copper. It is the only material suitable for production of high-quality, noble distillates, such as whiskey, cognac, grappa, chacha, etc. This fact is confirmed by a lot of scientific researches. Copper is irreplaceable as the main material of distilling equipment because it has an enormous thermal conductivity (the alembic heats up faster and cools down faster at the end of distillation). Copper is also a catalyst for many chemical reactions that contribute to the best quality of the drink – it adsorbs sulfur compounds that have the smell of rotten eggs. In addition, copper binds ammonia and acetals, which are highly undesirable in the food product. The list of advantages of copper over stainless steel is almost endless!

"Max Cuprum" 60L copper alembic is made of thick copper (1.5 mm thick). This is a definite advantage because this product will last all your life and will go to your children and grandchildren. With your alembic you will distill thousands of liters of mash and raw alcohol without damaging the distilling equipment.

The 60L old copper vessel has a convenient wide neck with a modern tight 6" TRI-CLAMP connection. This a 15-cm hole makes it very easy to service the alembic! At the same time, the product has smooth rounded shapes that do not have corners where dirt could accumulate, which also makes cleaning easier.

Due to the large thickness of the metal, the alembic has a considerable weight, so Max Cuprum specialists equipped the product with reinforced thick handles made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Each handle is attached with 4 bolts, which is much more reliable than welded handles that simply tear out the walls of the alembic under heavy load!

"Max Cuprum" copper distillation vessel has a convenient ball valve with a 1.5 " TRI-CLAMP connection. This is a powerful drain tap that will instantly drain your alembic at the end of distillation. Moreover, the tap can be removed if desired and placed inside the alembic, which is especially convenient if you care about space management when storing the moonshine still.

It is important that the alembic "Max Cuprum" is equipped with a connection for a 2" TRI-CLAMP tubular heating element. Thanks to this, the product is very versatile – if needed, you can perform distillation with gas heating or use the heating element of the desired power.

"Max Cuprum" vessel is equipped with a bimetallic thermometer that measures the temperature from 0 to 120°. This is very convenient if you prefer to keep the temperature of the mash or raw alcohol under control during distillation.

"Max Cuprum" 60L Alembic is a vessel that has no analogues in the world, this is a unique product of the highest level of manufacture. The company logo is engraved on the mirrored steel nameplate on the distillation vessel, which emphasizes the premium quality of the product.

Complete set of the 60L boiler "Max Cuprum":

  • Boiler - 1 PC.
  • Bimetallic thermometer - 1 PC.
  • 1.5” TRI-CLAMP ball drain valve - 1 PC.
  • 1.5” TRI-CLAMP connection – 1 PC.
  • 2” TRI-CLAMP connection – 1 PC.
  • 6” TRI-CLAMP connection – 1 PC.
  • 1.5” TRI-CLAMP gasket – 1 PC.
  • 2” TRI-CLAMP gasket – 1 PC.
  • 6” TRI-CLAMP gasket – 1 PC.
  • 2” TRI-CLAMP plug – 1 PC.
  • Manual, warranty card.

*The specified volume of the alembic may differ slightly from the volume stated by the manufacturer.

53 950 rub.
Buy on credit
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