33 l Copper Pot Still Alembic Tower With Helmet 2.5 l

  • 33 l Copper Pot Still Alembic Tower With Helmet 2.5 l
59 035 rub.
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Copper Pot Still Alembic Tower With Helmet 2.5 l – this product is ideal for home moonshine brewing. The size of the helmet is optimal for installation on stills up to 25 liters.

The still is designed to produce high-quality distillates such as whiskey, cognac, calvados, grappa, plum brandy, brandy, schnapps and other noble drinks. Due to the unique properties of copper this still guarantees bright flavor of the product, as well as its high degree of purity.

The helmet takes maximum load of alcohol vapors from the moonshine still, it is this part that holds down the largest number of undesirable substances such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, acetals, organic and fatty acids, sulfur compounds, etc. Due to copper ions, these substances do not infiltrate final product, but remain on the surface of the helmet or flocculate in the form of solid precipitate.

Copper Pot Still Alembic Tower With Helmet is equipped with convenient 4” and 1.5” TRI-CLAMP connections. It is equipped with a powerful 35 cm shell-and-tube condenser that provides high output rate. An important advantage of this condenser is its material — copper. Due to the high thermal conductivity of this metal, that 26 times exceeds thermal conductivity of AISI 304 stainless steel, the output of the installation is enormous.

Copper Alembic Pot Still Tower With Helmet 2.5 l is a type of air dephlegmator. Inside the helmet a part of up-flowing steam condenses and flows down the copper walls in the form of reflux condensate. Due to this process, the characteristics of the future drink are highly improved. The steam in the process of single distillation passes several cycles of condensation and evaporation.

This kit is an ideal gift for connoisseurs of good-quality strong noble drinks such as calvados, whiskey, cognac, brandy, grappa, plum brandy, etc. With this moonshine still creating of alcohol masterpieces becomes an absolutely doable task.

Complete Equipment:

  • Boiler - 1 PCs.
    • Helmet 2.5 l Tri-Clamp 4"-1.5" - 1 PCs.
    • Elbow Tri-Clamp 1.5" 135° - 1 PCs.
    • Shell-and-tube сondenser 35 cm Tri-Clamp 1.5" - 1 PCs.
    • Surge Breaker Tri-Clamp 1.5" - 1 PCs.
    • Clamp 1.5" - 3 PCs.
    • Silicon Gasket Tri-Clamp 1.5" - 3 PCs.
    • Clamp 4- 1 PCs.
    • Silicon Gasket Tri-Clamp 4" - 1 PCs.
    • Digital Thermometer - 1 PCs.
    • PVC hose 10x1,5 mm - 5 m.
    • Bimetal Thermometer - 1 PCs.
    • Drain Valve 1 PCs.
    • Warranty card - 1 PCs.
    59 035 rub.
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    • Николай
      26 May 2020 .
      Какой максимальный объём сырца для данного аппарата (малый шлем + куб 13л)?
      • Max Cuprum
        26 May 2020 .
        Любой перегонный куб мы рекомендуем заполнять не более 75%, то есть 13 л куб лучше не наполнять более, чем на 10 л.
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