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Courier service

(Only for Russian customers)

We send the goods within 3 working days after receiving the payment.

The cost of delivery depends on weight and size – from 300 to 2000 rubles. You can find the exact amount on the website of one of these shipping companies:

  • Energiya
  • DPD
  • Delovye Linii
  • PEK
  • SDEK

Delivery takes from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the proximity of your region.

On average – 5 days.

After we dispatch your order we will send you a tracking code to track the consignment.

To ensure integrity of your goods the shipping company provides an additional package (crate or pallet board, average cost - 300-500 rubles). For delivery of fragile goods with EMS we produce plywood box, the exact cost of which (it depends on the weight and volume of cargo) will be told to you by our manager, please contact us on the following telephone number:  8 800-550-18-71 (toll-free in Russia). With this package we guarantee that the goods will be delivered to you free of damage. If you do not want to overpay for additional package, you can fill out the form, send it to our e-mail ( and assume the integrity risks.


(Worldwide shopping)

We ship our goods within 5 working days after receiving payments for the goods and delivery.

Delivery takes 5-60 days depending on the distance from your region to Russia.

After shipment of the goods we will send you a track number, so that you can track location of your order on the official website of EMS in your country.

We are don't
working with
Russian Post

We do not send orders by Russian Post! Russian Post does not accept our packaging, yet their branded boxes are too small for the stills. Therefore the only option that allows to work with Russian Post is to use individually sewn white bags, which we unfortunately have no opportunity to sew. In addition, Russian Post is very careless when it comes to handling goods, and we are worried that with this method of delivery your goods may be damaged.

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