Copper boiler 25L Medium "Old Coppersmith"

  • Copper boiler 25L Medium "Old Coppersmith"
34 900 rub.
49 900 rub.
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Copper boiler 25L Medium "Old Coppersmith" is the perfect solution for those who appreciate the best balance of price and quality.

Copper alembic is a mandatory attribute of high-quality moonshine. Only using a copper alembic can you produce such noble drinks as whiskey, calvados, cognac, rum, gin, etc. In such a tank, during distillation, a much larger number of aromatic compounds are formed than, for example, in a stainless steel or tinned alembic. Such aromatic compounds as aldehydes, esters, etc. determine the quality of the future drink and without them the subsequent aging in an oak barrel will not give the proper effect. Therefore, if you want your moonshine to have a whole range of elegant flavors, such as chocolate, nutty, vanilla, caramel, and spicy you cannot do without a copper alembic!

A 25-litre alembic consists entirely of M1 grade copper (copper content of at least 99.95%) with the thickness of 1.2 mm. For even greater structural rigidity, the vessel is equipped with 5 stiffening ribs.

The copper tank has a removable lid. This is very convenient, because you will have easy access to all the inside of the alembic for cleaning.

"Old Coppersmith" Medium 25L Alembic is very easy to lift or tilt because it is equipped with strong stainless steel handles of large diameter. It is absolutely easy to handle the product by holding on to them! The handles are attached to the wall of the vessel not with rivets or bolts, but are welded to a 2 mm stainless steel patch band pressed into the body of the alembic. Therefore, there are no additional holes in the alembic, which means that there are fewer reasons to worry about the tightness of the connections. It is important that the total wall thickness at the junction of copper and steel is at least 3.2 mm!

The volume of the container consists of the volume of the pot (20.5 liters) and the volume of the lid (4.5 liters). The dome-shaped lid provides excellent rigidity, so you can safely mount heavy distillers. In addition, the lid has an edge with the thickness of at least 2.4 mm, which allows it to perfectly maintain the round shape without the risk of becoming oval, which is the case with lids having a thin edge.

The Medium series stills differ from Premium ones. The difference lies in the arrangement of the built-in connections which is as follows: a threaded connection is welded into the wall of the alembic, and a branch pipe with a TRI-CLAMP connection or a drain tap is screwed into it. In this case, the connection is securely sealed, but the welded internal thread protrudes 0.5-1 cm from the inside of the alembic. In Premium alembics, all pipes are welded directly into the wall of the alembic, while the surface remains completely smooth from the inside.

Attention! By default, the product is not equipped with a thermometer, a tubular heating element connection, a drain tap, or other options. Upon your request, we will produce an alembic with options that are necessary directly for you.

Complete set:

  • Boiler with a lid — 1 PC;
  • Luxstahl clamp — 1 PC;
  • Luxstahl silicone gasket — 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP connection - 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP gasket - 1 PC;
  • Manual, warranty card — 1 PC.
34 900 rub.
49 900 rub.
Buy on credit
Comments (6)
  • Денис
    19 October
    Здравствуйте! Возможно ли данный куб изготовить без сливного крана и выхода под ТЭН, как изменится стоимость при этом? Спасибо.
    • Max Cuprum
      19 October
      Добрый день! Да, возможность такого изготовления есть. Стоимость снизится на 1500 рублей.
  • Владимир
    06 November 2019 .
    Какова мощность и кол-во тэнов, устанавливаемых на данный куб?
    • Max Cuprum
      06 November 2019 .
      Для данного куба рекомендуем брать ТЭН 3,75 кВт с регулятором мощности. Он состоит из 3 элементов мощностью 1,25 кВт и имеет возможность тонкой регулировки.
  • Чураков Александр
    18 October 2019 .
    Добрый день!
    А индукционное дно можно встроить в данную модель (25 л.)?
    И почему отсутствует подрывной клапан?
    • Max Cuprum
      21 October 2019 .

      Добрый день! Да, индукционное дно в эту модель встраивается. Подрывной клапан по Вашему запросу встроим, но это необязательная опция, т.к. во время дистилляции всё излишнее давление выходит через штуцер выхода продукта. Но если Вы соберётесь делать ректификацию в будущем, то такой клапан желательно встроить.

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