Stainless steel tank 29l with copper lid "Max Cuprum"

  • Stainless steel tank 29l with copper lid "Max Cuprum"
19 600 rub.
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A special feature of this alembic is the copper dome-shaped lid "Max Cuprum". The material of the upper part of the distilling vessel plays an important role in the quality of the resulting drink, because it has to withstand the maximum pressure created by various chemical compounds formed in the mash during fermentation such as ammonia, sulfur compounds, organic and fatty acids, acetals and other substances that are undesirable in the final product. Copper, due to its unique properties, adsorbs these compounds, and subsequently the larger the contact area of alcohol vapors with copper the better goes the purification of your future drink.

Copper also has another important property — it fully unveils the flavor of natural ingredients that you use during the preparation of the mash. It participates in the processes of caramelization, dehydration of sugars, as well as in other chemical reactions responsible for formation of caramel, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, nutty and spicy tones of alcohol. Therefore, copper is an indispensable component of a proper alembic.

The walls and the bottom of the vessel are made of stainless steel. The three-layered bottom has the thickness of 5 mm. Thanks to this, the heat is distributed evenly, and the risk of burning of the mash is reduced. The tank is suitable not only for gas but also for induction heating.

The moonshine still consists of a 25-liter pot and a 4.5-liter copper lid. The alembic itself is completely analogous to Luxstahl tank and has identical dimensions.

The lid included in the kit has walls with the thickness of 1.2 mm, as well as a folded edge with a thickness of at least 2.4 mm. The lid can withstand a load of more than 50 kg, so you do not need to worry about its reliability. The lid is made of Russian M1 grade copper, the content of which is at least 99.9% vol. The copper is certified according to international standards, which guarantees absence of impurities in pure copper.

Complete set:

  • 25L pot – 1 PC;
  • 4.5L copper lid – 1 PC;
  • Clamp for connecting the pot and the lid – 1 PC;
  • Gasket for connecting the pot and the lid – 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP connection – 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP gasket – 1 PC;
  • Manual, warranty card — 1 PC.
19 600 rub.
Buy on credit
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