Whiskey Distillation Tower With Copper Helmet 17 l

  • Whiskey Distillation Tower With Copper Helmet 17 l
108 380 rub.
117 200 rub.
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Whiskey still from "Max Cuprum" – is the flagship model of the manufacturer, which allows you to get product of excellent quality. In addition, this device will be a great decoration piece. Such a beautiful thing does not need to be hidden from the eyes of guests and visitors!

Whiskey still from "Max Cuprum" is made entirely of Russian-made M1 grade copper. This means that the copper used for the device has no undesirable impurities (copper content is not less than 99.9%).

Copper plays an important role in moonshine brewing. This material is most preferable for distillation equipment (not without reason elite whiskey, cognac, calvados, etc. are made exclusively with copper moonshine stills). Due to the high thermal conductivity such moonshine stills quickly warm up (which speeds up the process greatly) and cool down fast, it is important to complete the distillation and to control the temperature of distillation when necessary.

In addition, due to the chemical activity of copper, a large number of aromatic compounds are formed, which makes simple moonshine a realy noble drink. Copper also plays an important role in the purity of moonshine – it takes over hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, fatty acids, acetals and other undesirable substances.

"Max Cuprum" Whiskey still is equipped with a large 17-liter helmet with wide connections on both sides – TRI-CLAMP 6" (15 cm) and TRI-CLAMP 4" (10 cm). Due to this, despite the great height of the helmet (65 cm), maintenance of the device is very easy.

The helmet of "Max Cuprum" whiskey still has a narrowing smoothly turning into a distilling elbow. This elbow is a unique development from Max Cuprum, thanks to which the classic look of the traditional moonshine still for whiskey, cognac, grappa, plum brandy and other elite distillates is recreated. The elbow ends with a powerful shell-and-tube 2-inch wide 50 cm long condenser providing tremendous output (over 20 l/h with intense heating!).

e silicone, specially designed for contact with alcohol-containing product.

Complete Equipment:

  • Helmet 17l Tri-Clamp 6"-4" - 1 PCs.
  • Copper reducer & bend 135° Tri-CLAMP 2”-4” - 1 PCs.
  • Shell-and-tube сondenser 35 cm Tri-Clamp 2" - 1 PCs.
  • Surge Breaker Tri-Clamp 2" - 1 PCs.
  • Clamp 2- 2 PCs.
  • Silicon Gasket Tri-Clamp 2" -2 PCs.
  • Clamp 4- 1 PCs.
  • Silicon Gasket Tri-Clamp 4" - 1 PCs.
  • Bimetal Thermometer - 1 PCs.
  • Warranty card - 1 PCs.
108 380 rub.
117 200 rub.
Buy on credit
Comments (4)
  • Константин
    27 July 2021 .
    Здравствуйте. Данный аппарат есть в наличии или нужно ждать его изготовления?
    • Max Cuprum
      28 July 2021 .
      Здравствуйте! В зависимости от загруженности производства, как правило, у нас имеется очередь на изготовление медных изделий. На сегодняшний день она составляет до 15 рабочих дней.
  • Graeme Berry
    20 April 2020 .

    Can you please provide an estimate to ship a 35Ltr Premium Old Coppersmith copper boiler to Carramar, Western Australia 6031.

    Graeme Berry
    • Max Cuprum
      20 April 2020 .
      Hello! The approximate cost of sending EMS to Australia 35-liter "Old Coppersmith" will be about 17,000 Russian rubles.
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