Stainless steel tank 57l with copper lid "Max Cuprum"

  • Stainless steel tank 57l with copper lid "Max Cuprum"
28 350 rub.
33 700 rub.
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The alembic is made of stainless steel and pure copper. The pot is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and has a three-layer bottom with the total thickness of 5 mm. This ensures that the heat is distributed more evenly and reduces the risk of burning of solid particles in the mash. In addition, the alembic is versatile and suitable for both gas and induction heating.

The lid of the vessel is made of M1 grade copper. This means that the content of copper not less than 99.9%! Copper is especially important in the steam zone of the moonshine still, because it is this place where the alcohol vapors contact the copper walls, partially condense, and evaporate again. As a result of this process, the product is cleared of undesirable substances (for example, from hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which are present in any mash). At the same time aromatic components are synthesized that make your drink truly noble.

The copper lid is made of 1.2 mm thick copper. Its edge is specially folded, so that the thickness of the metal at the edges of the lid is at least 2.4 mm. The lid has a rounded, smooth shapes, thanks to which the rigidity of the structure reaches the highest level.

The lid is connected to the pot by means of a clamp and a 3.5 mm thick silicone gasket. The connection is reliable and tight. This is important to avoid the risk of vapor leakage.

The full volume of the vessel is 57 liters, which is completely analogous to Luxstahl alembic, and consists of the volume of the pot (50 liters) and the volume of the lid made of copper (7 liters).

Complete set:

  • 50L pot – 1 PC;
  • 7L copper lid – 1 PC;
  • Clamp for connecting the pot and the lid – 1 PC;
  • Gasket for connecting the pot and the lid – 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP connection – 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP gasket – 1 PC;
  • Manual, warranty card — 1 PC.
28 350 rub.
33 700 rub.
Buy on credit
Comments (4)
  • bragiman
    01 October 2021 .
    Что значит встраивание термометра ? (отверстие для термометра пользователя или ваш термометр будет встроен в крышку ?).
    • Max Cuprum
      01 October 2021 .
      Будет встроен ниппель под электронный термометр в крышке перегонного куба, сам термометр будет идти в комплекте.
  • Сергей
    14 March 2020 .
    Соединие кламп 2" под ТЭН возможно ?
    • Max Cuprum
      16 March 2020 .
      К сожалению, пока что не встраиваем в нержавеющие кастрюли.
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