Copper boiler 81L Premium "Old Coppersmith"

  • Copper boiler 81L Premium "Old Coppersmith"
79 400 rub.
128 600 rub.
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The 81L copper alembic "Old Coppersmith" Premium is an exclusive development of Max Cuprum — the leading manufacturer of copper products for moonshining in Russia.

The alembic is made of 100% copper of domestic production. Only with this material can you get excellent whiskey, cognac, brandy, calvados, grappa, chacha and other noble drinks. The fact is that copper is an indispensable material for production of distilling equipment. It has impressive thermal conductivity (ten times higher than thermal conductivity of stainless steel), which allows you to quickly heat the container (and therefore its contents) at the same cost of the thermal energy used. It is also convenient that the container quickly cools down after the distillation.

Copper also allows you to get a product with perfect organoleptic characteristics. It is known for certain, that copper is a chemically active metal, and its ions produce a favorable effect on the finished product. For example, sulfur compounds, acetals, and ammonia present in any mash are bound. All these substances not only spoil the taste, but are dangerous to health. Stainless steel cannot bind these elements.

The 81L copper alembic Premium from Max Cuprum is not made just of copper. Outside, the product is wrapped with a stainless steel belt making the structure shockingly rigid. The wall thickness reaches 3.5 mm! In addition, the product has 5 stiffeners. There are no analogues of such a alembic in terms of reliability in Russia. Without the belt the stiffness of the container would be insufficient.

If you decide to buy our copper alembic, there is good news for you: we, as a manufacturer, can introduce almost any changes to the design. We can build in a 2” TRI-CLAMP connection for a tubular heating element, a drain tap, a viewing window without or with lighting, and a thermometer. If you want to embed something that is not present on our site, do not hesitate to call us at the phone number listed on the site and we will discuss the possibility of customization.

It is very convenient to use the alembic "Old Coppersmith" Premium. It is equipped with a removable lid, so you have full access when cleaning the walls of the container from the inside. In addition, the internal surface is perfectly smooth after addition of when any types of connections, which is conditioned by the perfect manufacturing technology from Max Cuprum. In addition to this, the vessel is equipped with a stainless steel ring handle that allows you to tilt the alembic in any direction without experiencing any discomfort. This is a unique offer in Russia!

Attention! By default, the alembic does not have graduation lines, built-in connections for a tap, a tubular heating element, a 2” TRI-CLAMP mounted viewing window without lighting, a 4” TRI-CLAMP mounted viewing window with lighting, a safety valve, a filler neck, or a thermometer. At your request, we can build them in.

Complete set:

  • Boiler with a lid — 1 PC;
  • Luxstahl clamp — 1 PC;
  • Luxstahl silicone gasket — 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP connection - 1 PC;
  • 4" TRI-CLAMP gasket - 1 PC;
  • Manual, warranty card — 1 PC.
79 400 rub.
128 600 rub.
Buy on credit
Comments (4)
  • Александр
    14 January
    Здравствуйте! на сто литров медный куб есть возможность изготовить?
    • Max Cuprum
      14 January
      Добрый день! На 100 литров, к сожалению, пока что не делаем, после 81 л куба Premium у нас идёт комплект уже на 160 литров (вискарный либо коньячный). С 81-л кубом можно использовать такой увеличитель на 31 литр, тогда общий объём получится 112 литров.
  • Игорь
    07 December 2020 .
    Здравствуйте! Возможно изготовить такой куб из нержавеющей стали?
    • Max Cuprum
      07 December 2020 .
      Здравствуйте! Нет, к сожалению.
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