Whiskey Distillation Tower With Copper Helmet 17 l & Gooseneck

  • Whiskey Distillation Tower With Copper Helmet 17 l & Gooseneck
72 655 rub.
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The key component in this model is the helmet – it plays the most important role in distillation: some part of the vapour condenses on the walls of the helmet and flows down in the form of reflux condensate which boils again and then is partially cooled. This process has a huge impact on strengthening and quality of the product.

The volume of this model of the helmet is 17 liters!

Moreover, heavy impurities with high boiling point precipitate on the inner walls of the helmet and flow back into the alembic, thus they can not infiltrate the separated product.

This still from «Max Cuprum» is a guaranteed maximum protection against splashes and foam in the finished product. Using the distilling helmet, you can fill the alembic with much more liquid, and you will not be limited in the heating power supply!

This model is very easy to maintain: the condenser is tightly attached to the helmet by means of clamp connection and can be easily disconnected. Due to the wide base of the still and its movability it can be easily cleaned by hand, given that it is the helmet where the heaviest impurities are precipitated, leaving a dense oxide film. The condenser of the distiller is also collapsible, the collapsible neck can also be easily disconnected. With the helmet from "Max Cuprum" you can distil even the thickest mash! In addition, it is not only a still for whiskey: this model is suitable for any noble distillates.

The distilling column is made of pure M1 grade copper (copper content – not less than 99.9%) and food grade AISI 304 stainless steel with no impurities and coatings that mimic the copper surface! The distilling helmet is equipped with a convenient TRI-CLAMP 6" connection. All gaskets are made of food grade silicone, specially designed for contact with alcohol-containing product.

Complete Equipment:

  • Helmet 17l Tri-Clamp 6"-4" - 1 PCs.
  • Elbow Tri-Clamp 2" 180° - 1 PCs.
  • Elbow Tri-Clamp 2" 90° - 2 PCs.
  • Shell-and-tube сondenser 35 cm Tri-Clamp 2" - 1 PCs.
  • Surge Breaker Tri-Clamp 2" - 1 PCs.
  • Reducer TRI-CLAMP 2”-4” - 1 PCs.
  • Clamp 2- 5 PCs.
  • Silicon Gasket Tri-Clamp 2" - 5 PCs.
  • Clamp 4- 1 PCs.
  • Silicon Gasket Tri-Clamp 4" - 1 PCs.
  • Bimetal Thermometer - 1 PCs.
  • Warranty card - 1 PCs.
72 655 rub.
Buy on credit
Comments (4)
  • Ruhi
    13 June 2020 .
    Hello is there someone there that can communicate in English?
    Thank you
    • Max Cuprum
      15 June 2020 .
      Hello! Yes, of course.
  • Олег
    13 November 2019 .
    Добрый день!! Пользуюсь аппаратом уже 2 года. Доволен полностью! Делаю виски, кальвадос, сливовицу и разные ликёры, настойки. Нравится органолептика! Работаю на 4,5 кВт, холодильник легко справляется. Хочу выразить благодарность компании Max Cuprum за популяризацию медной темы. С вас всё это началось в России, и если бы не наткнулся на вас, не позвонил бы вам, то может быть купил бы нержавеющий аппарат и не получал бы сейчас такого отменного результата. Всех благ вам и процветания!!
    • Max Cuprum
      13 November 2019 .
      Здравствуйте, Олег! Спасибо Вам большое за такие тёплые слова! Отзывы стимулируют нас без перерыва совершенствовать качество нашей продукции, и Ваш комментарий очень ценный для нас.
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