Copper lid "Max Cuprum" for Luxstahl 50l

  • Copper lid "Max Cuprum" for Luxstahl 50l
13 900 rub.
21 200 rub.
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"Max Cuprum" copper lid for Luxstahl 50L alembic is a unique solution from Max Cuprum — the main manufacturer of copper moonshine stills in Russia.

Copper is a metal that is perfect for moonshining. Using copper parts in your moonshine still you can significantly improve the quality of the product, as copper actively reacts with the components of the distilled material, taking away all the undesirable substances (for example, ammonia or hydrogen sulfide) and improving the taste and aroma of the product (copper allows you to fully unveil the bouquet of the distillate as a result of chemical reactions).

The copper lid acts as a helmet of some kind. Vapors contacting the copper walls will partially condense and flow back into the alembic. During distillation, this process is repeated multiple times, which results in improvement organoleptic characteristics of the product.

The quality of the copper lid for the Luxstahl 50L tank makes it stand out from the variety of other similar products. Excellent welds and an elegant shape that resembles the top of classic whiskey alembics make this product the best on the market.

It is also important that the lid has the thickness of 1.2 mm and its edge is more than 2.4 mm thick! Due to this unique production technology from Max Cuprum, the rigidity of the product turns out to be extreme, while the lids of common competitors can be easily crushed with your bare hands. The fact is that copper is a very plastic material. Therefore, a reinforcement in the form of a reinforced edge is necessary!

Attention! By default, no other devices are built into the lid. Upon your request, it is possible to add a thermometer, an observation window without illumination but with a flashlight, a safety valve, and other options.

Complete set:

  • Copper lid – 1 pc.
13 900 rub.
21 200 rub.
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